Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Very Productive Day

Today was so nice and the kids cooperated and we got tons of things done. The air vent was added to the chicken coop, nesting boxes hung on the wall, card board circle is in place, it is all ready for the arrival of our baby chicks. Lots of lawn mowing was done and a tractor bucket full of wood chips was spread in front of the coop. We also added a flower box to the window, it is oh so cute. I also finally finished the garden in front, it turned our rather nice, our tomatoes already have flower buds. The downside, the kids were in the house part of the day by themself, so the house is trashed. Oh well, another day, another mess. I have some flowers to plant, woodships to spread, and a little more grass to mow and the yard will look great. Wouldn' t it be great if it would stay that way all by itself?

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