Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diapering Idea

I really like using flannel for my fitted diapers, mostly because I can get nice flannels at JoAnns. Unless you order diaper velcro from an online diaper store, it is really, really expensive. At the JoAnns here, it is six dollars a yard, yikes. So what do you use to keep them closed? Snappies don't really hold in the flannel that well. My solution, I sewed fleece patches on because it is snappi-able, really easy to sew, doesn't fray, and doesn't end up a big stuck together velcro mess in the washing machine. This makes a really nice diaper, in the summer I don't use a cover at home, I just change them as soon as they are wet so their little buns don't get to hot. Hope this little tip will help.

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