Sunday, June 14, 2009

The ER, Twice in 16 Hours

These are the moments that you wish your kids would just sit still, but then they wouldn't be kids, right? G, my daughter, went running into the bathroom last night and slipped on the floor, hitting the bathtub with her chin, splitting it wide open. She did the kid thing, it really hurt for the first thirty seconds and then she was fine, never mind the fact that she was bleeding all over. I brought her in and they used dermabond to put it back together. Everyone slept relatively well and as we all were getting ready for church, she hit it again, this time on the baby's highchair, splitting it open again, back we go to the ER. They really didn't do anything the second time, they said she split the dermabond, but didn't pull the wound open any farther, so... here's to hoping that she doesn't hit it again.

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