Monday, September 28, 2009


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Very Productive Weekend...


finished staining the bunk bed

painted half of a very large bedroom

several loads of laundry

started the curtains for said half painted bedroom

baked cookies, made granola, roasted a chicken, made beans and rice and better butter

washed a weekends worth of baking dishes in a single session

finished two pairs of jammy pants and a pair of short-alls (now that it is autumn)

untangled a mass of yarn (started dress for Grace, decided I didn't have the right yarn after working on the bottom hem all week, ripped it all out, didn't get to winding it back up before the kids got to it. A very patient and loving hubby helped me untangle it at 10:30 at night when he would have rather been doing something else.)

toilet paper holder and towel bar affixed to a stud, so hopefully that is the last time it had to be put up

tried to participated in a recipe swap, but so far not very many people seem interested in doing

Researched more about hypothyroidism since I can't find a doctor to prescribe Amour(a natural hormone versus the synthetic I was taking), I stopped taking the synthetic because I couldn't stand the side effects anymore. I decided that taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life is not the answer, I needed to figure out how to heal my body. I am going back to biblical basic, Genesis 1:29, a primarily raw foods diet, the one that God gave to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. My husband says that I am so far into the deep end that I am out of the pool!!

I hope all of you had a great weekend!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lame Blogging...

...all of my post lately have been links for contest, but school is back in swing and things are rather busy. The boys are doing great, zipping right through their work and having the rest of the day for free time.
I have been working on several projects and will have pics soon. A vintage scarf from Renee from Goosie Girls, a crochet diaper wrap, finally kool-aid dyed the wool Jersey diaper covers I made eons ago and making jammies for the kids. Of course all the pics are in the camera still so you will have to wait for them, plus the diaper covers are in the wash.
The weather here in MN is sticky and hot and I an looking forward to Autumn. I have a cling-on baby and doing things with one hand really takes a lot out of me, thus the reason for lame blogging.

Indian Summer Shirt and Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Indian Summer Shirt and Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Sign Language

I have taught all of four of my kids baby sign language, it started when the oldest would throw his plate on the floor to tell us he was all done. About the 15th time I thought there has to be a better way. I got out my mom's book of ASL and taught him the sign for "all done", that did the trick. I personally love this product from Critical Thinking, we are using it for the little ones while the big ones are homeschooling this year. Studies have shown that kids who sign scored 12 points higher on IQ test and we love all of the other homeschooling product that CT has to offer.

Scrapbooking Furniture

This is something that I would totally buy if I was just a little bit more into scrapbooking, a piece of scrapbooking furniture just like this one. It fits right in with the room, when it is closed you would never know it was full of scrapbooking supplies.

Obaji Skin Care

Again I am trying to earn extra points to win a really cool stroller, if your in need of some skin care then check out obaji skin care. I honestly have never heard of them and my favorite skin care product right now is Burt's Bees Soapbark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. I personally won't use a product that has chemicals(SLS, parabens, ect) in it, these things are not good for your body or the environment.

Creative Date Ideas

Need some creative date ideas that won't break the bank, here are three hunndre of them as seen on Oprah in an ebook by Michael Webb.

Craft Room Organization

I am earning extra entries for a contest, so all you scrapbookers out there that need a craft room organization system, go check this out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Read

Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy, The Truth About Vaccines and the Danger They Pose, by Michael Dye

This is a book full of facts found in medical studies done by MD's. It has info that should be presented at well baby checks, like the warnings from the manufactures about the dangers of the vaccine. It also talks about how vaccine have not rid us of disease but kept them around longer than they need be. It is written from a christian point of view and about how God created our immune system. I vaccinated my older children but my last will remain vaccine free because of the info I have discovered since then. My second son is still dealing with problems that developed after he was vaccinated with the MMR. Even if you are pro-vaccination, read it so that you are fully informed, what will it hurt, you may even save your child's life with the info that you discover.

Info that made my stomach turn

"The germ is weakened by a process known as "serial passage," which involves passing the germ or virus through animal tissue, or the tissue of an aborted human fetus, several times to reduce its potency" page 43

"The University of Nevada School of Medicine conducted a survey of 103 American children whose deaths had been labeled as SIDS. The survey found that two-thirds of the children had been given a DPT vaccination within three weeks of their deaths, and that many died within 24 hours if the vaccine."

90% of doctors don't report vaccine related injury or deaths, they don't even know were to find the forms

Really scary, but it makes me even more thankful that God has created us in such a marvelous way, our older kids are going to the naturopathic doctor in October to have their systems stripped of the vaccinations that are damaging their systems.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feed Your Diaper Stash Weekly Giveaway

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