Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lame Blogging...

...all of my post lately have been links for contest, but school is back in swing and things are rather busy. The boys are doing great, zipping right through their work and having the rest of the day for free time.
I have been working on several projects and will have pics soon. A vintage scarf from Renee from Goosie Girls, a crochet diaper wrap, finally kool-aid dyed the wool Jersey diaper covers I made eons ago and making jammies for the kids. Of course all the pics are in the camera still so you will have to wait for them, plus the diaper covers are in the wash.
The weather here in MN is sticky and hot and I an looking forward to Autumn. I have a cling-on baby and doing things with one hand really takes a lot out of me, thus the reason for lame blogging.

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