Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Back

I haven't posted for a few weeks, I have been on learning and observation mode. I have quite a few fun projects to show you, I will get pictures and links up later today.

Quite By Accident

I have found out all kinds of sewing tricks and neat little things from reading lots of your blogs. I discovered one little tricks all by myself quite by accident one day. For some reason I was sewing one layer of fabric( I remember, I was making a bonnet) and as it was going along it was gathering all by its self. Part of me was annoyed and the other really excited. I hate hand gathering, but what's cuter that ruffles on a little girls dress, so I decided to investigate the matter further. Why was it doing that? What had I change on my machine, finally I notice that the tension was cranked up. Now for all of you who sew you are probably thinking, dah, but I taught myself how to sew when my daughter need diapers two years ago, and most of the time I am just winging it. I have a very close relationship with my seam ripper but I am learning a lot thanks to all you out there that are so generously sharing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Feels Like Nothing was Done

Last week was horrid. I thought I would be able to get tons of things done, not to be. It took so much out of me to get my boys back and forth from VBS and it rain all week. I tend to suffer from SAD and it was a long raining week, hence no lawn mowing, so it looks like the African plains in my front yard. My jewelry board looks really sad, but I work well under pressure so we will see how it goes. Laundry got done, but that always gets done or we wouldn't have room to move in the house. I have one diaper half done and one pull-up done, I need to go and get more elastic.

Up side, my kitchen is clean and I got a little further in the decorating of the bathroom. We have lived here almost six months and it looks like we just moved in as far as the walls are concerned.

We went for a wonderful bike ride on Saturday afternoon. We must have been quite a site, my mom and dad have a tandum bike, my two boys, and my husband and I both had bike trailers. It was a blast and I think it will have to be a Saturday afternoon event from now on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All in all, a productive weekend

I got my house clean, not that it looks like it any more, several more pieces of jewelry done for the crafters market, found a free double spindle bed, already stripped down and ready to refinish, maple I think, it is really pretty. Made it to church on time, bonus. Lots of laundry got done, still some left, but with six people there is always laundry. My boys have VBS all day for four days next week, yah!!! I should be able to get lots done, cross my fingers. The chicken coop is finally done, J started on the railing for the deck, little by little we are getting it done.

My goal is to have 50 pieces of bead artwork done by the end of this week, along with ordering all of the supplies to create my next line of bath and body products, mowing the lawn, and finishing all of my started flower beds and finishing all of the diaper orders I have. After this crafters market event is done I have to start on finishing my kids rooms, all four of them have half finished rooms and they have been bugging me all summer for their curtains and other room items.

Like I said, all in all a great weekend, hope your weekend was great too!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Say No!!! I Can't

Apparently I can't say no. I now have so many things to do I think I am going to explode. I love doing things for other people, I just hope they don't expect me to be Mrs.Speedy. So, to all of you who have asked for diapers or pull-ups, hopefully I will get them done before your child is fully potty trained. To my loving family, make this loaf of bread last because I don't know when the next one is coming.