Sunday, July 12, 2009

All in all, a productive weekend

I got my house clean, not that it looks like it any more, several more pieces of jewelry done for the crafters market, found a free double spindle bed, already stripped down and ready to refinish, maple I think, it is really pretty. Made it to church on time, bonus. Lots of laundry got done, still some left, but with six people there is always laundry. My boys have VBS all day for four days next week, yah!!! I should be able to get lots done, cross my fingers. The chicken coop is finally done, J started on the railing for the deck, little by little we are getting it done.

My goal is to have 50 pieces of bead artwork done by the end of this week, along with ordering all of the supplies to create my next line of bath and body products, mowing the lawn, and finishing all of my started flower beds and finishing all of the diaper orders I have. After this crafters market event is done I have to start on finishing my kids rooms, all four of them have half finished rooms and they have been bugging me all summer for their curtains and other room items.

Like I said, all in all a great weekend, hope your weekend was great too!!!

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  1. How exciting, the boys off to VBS, nice! A little less energy in the house for a bit. Your not working it are you? Good luck with your beading pieces, that's aggressive! And i'm going to try to get things cut out since i have about 2 pieces done for the craft fair, i'm a bit behind but then again, time crunch makes me work well. Can't wait to come in July, i think it will be good for me and you. We'll both have a break and i'm sure i'll be bringing the kids for bike rides since I love going. And the girls can take turn in the trailer. I've even thought of bringing home my bike seat so i can take the 3 of them. I did this with the Andersen boys and Claire, it was quite the work out. I also want to try to go to Hacknsack for wax to make candles too, we'll see. love and hugs. got to go!