Monday, July 20, 2009

Feels Like Nothing was Done

Last week was horrid. I thought I would be able to get tons of things done, not to be. It took so much out of me to get my boys back and forth from VBS and it rain all week. I tend to suffer from SAD and it was a long raining week, hence no lawn mowing, so it looks like the African plains in my front yard. My jewelry board looks really sad, but I work well under pressure so we will see how it goes. Laundry got done, but that always gets done or we wouldn't have room to move in the house. I have one diaper half done and one pull-up done, I need to go and get more elastic.

Up side, my kitchen is clean and I got a little further in the decorating of the bathroom. We have lived here almost six months and it looks like we just moved in as far as the walls are concerned.

We went for a wonderful bike ride on Saturday afternoon. We must have been quite a site, my mom and dad have a tandum bike, my two boys, and my husband and I both had bike trailers. It was a blast and I think it will have to be a Saturday afternoon event from now on.

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  1. If nothing got done, something did, Family Time. And for the grass, it will be there tomorrow and the only bad this is it's a place for bugs to live and harvest. :-(
    Your biking should happen every Saturday, even if it's just a ride down the strawberry and back. I'm so jealous, wish we could ride every Sat. with you guys. I can't wait for August, SO Excited. It will be here before we know it.