Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Read

Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy, The Truth About Vaccines and the Danger They Pose, by Michael Dye

This is a book full of facts found in medical studies done by MD's. It has info that should be presented at well baby checks, like the warnings from the manufactures about the dangers of the vaccine. It also talks about how vaccine have not rid us of disease but kept them around longer than they need be. It is written from a christian point of view and about how God created our immune system. I vaccinated my older children but my last will remain vaccine free because of the info I have discovered since then. My second son is still dealing with problems that developed after he was vaccinated with the MMR. Even if you are pro-vaccination, read it so that you are fully informed, what will it hurt, you may even save your child's life with the info that you discover.

Info that made my stomach turn

"The germ is weakened by a process known as "serial passage," which involves passing the germ or virus through animal tissue, or the tissue of an aborted human fetus, several times to reduce its potency" page 43

"The University of Nevada School of Medicine conducted a survey of 103 American children whose deaths had been labeled as SIDS. The survey found that two-thirds of the children had been given a DPT vaccination within three weeks of their deaths, and that many died within 24 hours if the vaccine."

90% of doctors don't report vaccine related injury or deaths, they don't even know were to find the forms

Really scary, but it makes me even more thankful that God has created us in such a marvelous way, our older kids are going to the naturopathic doctor in October to have their systems stripped of the vaccinations that are damaging their systems.

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