Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, the things I would like to do... has been gray here for the last two days so taking pictures of my recent projects has been a no go. I wanted to upload some photos but that also proved daunting to this sleep deprived mama. Grace had a temp of 102 most of the night, she slept well and by morning her fever was gone. God designed are bodies so wonderfully, her fever burned up all the virus in her system that was trying to make her sick. She was right as rain this morning, happy little camper, makes the day go so much better. We have a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD were all the lilies on the Island of Sodor are telephones, so Grace is talking on a "Lily Phone" and having quite the conversation it seems.

I fooled around with my blog and changed the backround. It is kind of whimsical fall, back to school sort of feel. We have been trying to get everyone back on our homeschool schedule and doing pretty good I might add. My hubby most likely will be working second shift by Sep. 1, as the lead man, way to go honey, which means we get the best hours of the day with him. We will be able to get school done on two hours flat if I have help with the other kids and we will get to do way more cool things this year which will be awesome since the boys are getting bigger. This is Zach on his first day of kindergarden last year, he has known the alphabet since he was two and a half but he thought this puzzle was so cool. He read a whole reader to his dad the other night, they grow up so fast.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunshiny and bright so I can take some good pics. I have been looking at past post and I don't know how many times I have promised you all pictures of a current project and then didn't get them up, sorry. Will work on that, sometimes it is more fun to work on the projects and I get going and don't stop to take a breath and share. Now I can upload pictures just fine, don't know what my problem was before, oh well, there is always tomorrow.

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  1. G is so cute and I love your profile picture and your new blog back ground. Next week i'm signing up for personal time with the blog and home time. :-) loves