Monday, August 24, 2009

Marshmallows From Hell

If you know me, you know that I don't cuss, so for me to describe something as hell, let me tell you people it wasn't pretty. My kids are allergic to corn, that includes corn syrup, which is in everything including marshmallows. We are going camping this weekend and what is a cookout with s'mores.

Step 1: find a recipe without corn syrup. Found one, looks good, all systems go
Step 2: make marshmallows ha!!

I used agar-agar flakes instead of gelatin, recipes says "place flakes in cold water in cold mixing bowl, the hot sugar mix will dissolve the gelatin. NOT!! But I didn't know that till about an hour of mix the stuff and finally concluding that it wasn't going to thicken. I used really good organic ingredients ($$$) so I wasn't going to throw it away, oh no. I strained my sugar mixture and got about a half of cup of undissolved agar-agar flakes(next time I will try the powder). Put the sugar mixture back in the pan and reheated it to soft ball stage. Got the mixing bowl out of the freezer and used regular gelatin, add reheated sugar mix and mix on high for about 15 minutes and got nice fluffy marshmallow, I wish I would have taken a picture of the marshmallow cream, it was so yummy looking I could have taken a swim in it. Here is the finished product, we will cut them in squares and roast them to perfection(those of us who have the patients for that kind of
thing) I will post the recipe later for out Smarshmallows.

Instead of Graham crackers (which I haven't been able to find without corn syrup or hydrogenated oils) I made monster oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I have tweaked my recipe so that it is relatively low in sugar compared to other recipes. I do have a recipe for the crackers but they are really hard to get really thin and I thought the change of pace would be fun. I will put both recipes in another post, lcause lunch time is here and the natives are restless.


  1. How fun is this !! Way to go cooking up your 'non-corn' recipes. I'm ready to try them! hugs! And i'm glad you like the door idea, i think it will be fun to do with you. If we ever get to it. hugs!

  2. and did i tell you this already, love your new blog background!!