Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Giant Magnetic Board!

okay, so its just the upright freezer shoved into my studio space in the basement but it doubles as a giant magnetic board. Most of my projects that I would like to do or my own variation of are stored on my computer and there are now to many of them to keep track of . Problem solved, I am going to print out the pictures and put them on the freezer, I mean magnet board so that they are visible.

I also have the perfect magnets to go on my new super size board, are these babies cute or what. Handmade by DiEtte, a friend of a friend. She has tons of neat photos that brings nature to life and really fun whimsy acrylic paintings for a childs room. She has really neat stuff and will make you a custom order if you wish, go check it out.

1 comment:

  1. So did you make a big purchase or did the freezer get moved from the parents house?
    And what a good Idea, place your projects on the board... then maybe you can put out only 5 to work on and then when they are done, take them down write a 'yay or nay' and file them away... alphabetic I presume.;-) or place some on top to work on more on bottom to keep in eye site but then no need to loose sleep over not remembering what projects you really wanted to do. loves -L