Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls Night Out

I went out with girls from church tonight, we celebrated July birthdays. We went for a boat ride and out to dinner, it was lots of fun. I made this little bag for my friend Sara, I even took the time to do french seams, I love french seams. Next time I will fuse to pieces of fabric together so that it is a little more sturdy, it was a little flimsy for my taste. I stuffed a plastic bag in it to get the pictures.

This is a french seam. You sew wrong sides together, then right sides together, so your first seam is sandwiched in between the second seam.

Not the best picture, but as you can see it is shaped like a box.
I made a little charm for the zipper pull. It was lots of fun. I found the tutorial here.

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  1. How fun, is this a good size for a make-up pouch? I got two bags done tonight and they are C-U-T-E and i got one more step done on my shoes. I just can't resist making the bags over the baby stuff right now, but i know it will get done.