Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicken update

It is amazing how fast chickens grow in just a few short weeks. We have some meat birds and some laying hens. The meat birds are only here for a couple more weeks.

This is one of our laying hens, I wish I could have gotten a side view, she is going to have really pretty coloring.

This is our turken, she is a naked necked chicken.

This is one of the meat birds. It is hard to tell how big they really are, but when all said and done they will weigh almost 12 pounds.

This little guy or gal is a Black Tailed Buff. They are teeny tiny bantams. We have three of them, their names are Snap, Crackle, and Pop. We got them for the boys for 4H but decided that we didn't have enough time this year. They are definitely a favorite of every ones, and everyone is hoping that their will be males and females so that they can have babies next year. They are really pretty birds being that both the male and female have large upright tails, the males have some extra tail feathers so we are waiting till all their feathers to come in before we declare the gender.

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  1. good pictures, does this mean you have uploaded those other pics? And, you should try to read through your blog before you post (i know you don't have all the time in the world) but i find errors every once in a while. I thought you would want to know, at least i would. :-) good talking to you today. ANd yes your chickens are growing fast, when I left those little buffs weren't much into their tail feathers yet.