Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh So Blue!

I must say that at the moment I am kinda in a funk, I haven't gotten to make anything lately and my studio is a mess. The is a little girl who shall remain name less that has visited more that me lately and pulled out all of her favorite fabrics for dolly blankets. This mom is not all that happy. I don't mind not being able to sew or craft because the kids keep me to busy, but when I am the one that keeps me from sewing, it erks me. I have been so tired lately, I was ready for bed at seven last night, seven? really? I barely made it through bedtime with the kids. I am hoping that it is just because my little man has decided that getting teeth one at a time is for sissies(he's getting four at once) and not sleeping and maybe I am still recovering from what ever it was that I had last week, because if this lasts much longer, I am going to go nuts. I sooo need my crafty time.

I also realized that I am not that person that can sew four skirts in two hours, I just can't go that fast, which is also frustrating. My kids would like their jammies before they grow into the next size. I would like to be able to finish all those projects that I have bough fabric for, like my corduroy vest and matching messenger bag, one of the few things that I have gotten for myself. So what's a girl to do, take a deep breath, say a little prayer, and be thankful for all I have been given, because this day shall pass to quickly.

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