Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have decided to keep a notebook and pen beside the computer when I am checking out all the cool blogs out there because I see something really cool that I want to do and I think "I can remember that one" , but I don't. I was just over at Little Birdie Secrets looking for something and found the post on the fun crochet washcloths that I had wanted to make but never got around to it. Ultimately there are just to many fun things to try and not enough time to do all of them. I have been trying really hard to prep all of my projects in the evenings so that on Saturday I can sew like a mad women and get lots of things done. So far its working, so hopefully I will have some great pics by Sunday night, but I can't promise because it is deer hunting opener this weekend and Jake will most likely be out all of Saturday so my sewing time will revolve around nap time. Maybe I can send the boys to Maga's for awhile.

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