Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Have Eggs

And not just any eggs, our very own eggs from our very own chickens. The boys are still really excited every time they find one or two. We have even had a few that have had double yokes. Store bought eggs are just about the grossest thing after you have had the real deal. Store eggs run all over the pan and have pale yellow yokes, even the free range ones that we were buying before. Asa dropped one of our eggs on the floor this morning, I was able to pick it right up even though it split in two and fry it right up (non of it ran out, it all stayed in its shell) they stand right up on the pan and look like a poached egg on your plate they are so compacted. Yum!!!
This is my cast iron double skillet and I absolutely love it. It was a gift from my dad before we went camping. I love cooking on cast iron, the heat distribution is perfect once you learn how to cook on them, there is a bit of a learning curve. I ditched my non-stick pans once I found out that they leach florin gas into your food as it cooks, not really some thing that I want my family to be ingesting.
Our eggs may be little, but they have awesome flavor to make up for it. The yokes are about the size of a quarter. I was holding the quarter as close to the egg as I could without getting burned.
This was our egg with a double yoke, I ended up breaking the one so it looks like it has three yokes, Asa got this one and he was about as happy as can be.

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