Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holy Cow.. Am I Behind

I was showing my MIL how to send a picture with am email the other day and in the process ended up going through all the pictures on the computer. I can't believe how many projects that I have done and not posted. So here we go, we will see how many we can get done before my little cling - on realizes that I am gone. I started this post at 2:30, it is not 4:41, just an FYI, when your 2 1/2 year old is quiet for too long, investigating sooner rather than later is a good idea

I made these fun polka dot fleece pants for Grace with some fleece that my sister gave me. They fit perfect, a little to perfect, the next growth spurt she has will make them to small. But, alas, not all is lost, my niece Clair can wear them next. I use Katrina's Sew Quick pattern. I now figured out why they fit so perfect, I didn't add the seam allowance like I was suppose to, it pays to read the directions (I apparently haven't figured that out yet)

I made this fleece cover for the little girl that comes and plays during the day. It is mermaid fleece with an extra soaker layer sewn in the crotch. I used a thinner fleece for binding on the edge. I sewed the extra in the middle first, then my elastic as close to the edge as I could, then the binding. I put right sides together and sew binding around the entire edge of cover, then I fold over the binding twice so you have a nice edge on the other side. It is easier for me this way because you don't have to make sure you catch both sides at the same time like with FOE. I have to take the velcro off the cover and make tabs instead, it was a touch to small around the middle. This is the Rita's Rump pattern, and while gathering the link I again discovered that reading the directions is a plus, there were supposed to be tabs on this cover in the first place.
I also made this cover for the little girl next door, it is a Katrina's Sew Quick Pull-up Cover, I love these because they work with fitteds or prefolds. I love them at night, fleece just seems so cozy and there is no elastic to rub or get too tight. I should have made it one size bigger, but because it is left over Christmas trees, Jairden can use it. Yes, I did sew the extra soaker layer in crooked, but I didn't notice it till the whole thing was done and I wasn't going to take it apart.
One down, I don't even know how many to go, but hey, at least I got the projects done in the first place.

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  1. So... I don't sue CMW's name on my blog and it's spelled with an E. Remember this for her next birthday card. ;-) Good work on your projects. I'm a bit jealous, no will to want to get anything done. But i'll get there. hugs.