Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is what my studio space looked like a few short months ago. It was/is the storage/furnace utility room and it was so stuffed with everything from the move that I thought I would never get it back. The only real bummer is that the only window I have is the little one and it doesn't let in much light which means most of my photos are not that great unless I come upstairs which involves trying not to be seen by the local natives for fear of being captured and never returning to my space. My wonderful husband has said that he would be more than willing to build me my own space outside the house but with little ones that doesn't seem very practical. Right now I can at least sneak away for a second when I am "doing laundry" to finish up a seam or sew on a button.

I like to refer to the space as "my studio" because it sounds so grown up and people take you more seriously than when you say "craftroom", next up, the after pictures.

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